Oxygen Therapy - Portable Oxygen Cylinder


Improving the lives of oxygen users Prajwal Healthcare products include the world's most comprehensive range of oxygen cylinders which are Lightweight, high-performance medical cylinders provide significant benefits not only for oxygen patients, but also for caregivers, respiratory therapists, nurses, emergency medical personnel and others who regularly use and handle oxygen equipment.

Benefits for patients Portable Oxygen cylinders offer important clinical advantages for patients, especially those who are ambulatory. Physicians encourage oxygen patients to exercise, and cylinder system weight and portability are major factors in a patient's ability to remain active longer. All cylinders are designed to increase mobility and ambulation time.

Benefits for medical personnel For those who regularly handle medical equipment, lightweight Medical cylinders are much easier to move and transport, reducing the possibility of job-related injury and stress. All these Medical cylinders are non-magnetic, making them safe to use around MRI equipment.


• Hygienic medical aluminum alloy cylinder (rust free)
• Filled with Pure Natural Oxygen (Indian Pharmacopeia grade)
• Easily operated for accurate Oxygen flow
• Lightweight and easy to use
• Aluminium alloy cylinder certified by Petroleum & Explosives Safety Organization , Govt of India
• Refillable and Reusable

Model O2 Capacity Duration Weight
OxyGo lite 248 L 2 hrs 04 mins 2.7 Kg
OxyGo Mediva 414 L 3 hrs 27 mins 3.4 kg
OxyGo Optima 682 L 5 hrs 41 mins 4.9 kg
OxyGo Maxima 1723 L 14 hrs 21 mins 13.5 kg