CPAP/BIPAP Mask - PerformaTrak Single Patient Use Full Face Mask


PerformaTrak™ Single Patient Use Full Face Mask
Dependable fit gives clinicians an easy and sensible full face mask option The PerformaTrak full face mask uses dual-density forehead pads for patient comfort and mask stability. Grab tabs allow quick and easy headgear removal and adjustment, while swivel clips allow the clinician to reapply the mask without having to refit after removal. The PerformaTrak full face mask comes in just three sizes, allowing the clinician to quickly fit a wide range of patients. Low-cost replacement headgear is available in two styles. PerformaTrak masks also feature an integrated sizing gauge that provides a convenient way to reduce cross-contamination and waste

Improved patient comfort The PerformaTrak full face mask minimizes facial pressure while maintaining a good seal, even on the sensitive nasal bridge. By easily adjusting the mask force at the bridge of the patient's nose, the clinician can achieve the comfortable fit to enhance ventilation therapy. Optional sealing pads minimize air leaks and localized skin breakdown from nasogastric (NG) tubes.

NIV applications The PerformaTrak full face mask is compatible with Digital Auto-Trak for enhanced NIV performance.