Our Brands

Healthline, this one idea has driven our growth over the last five years. Every day, there are opportunities to improve our fitness and overall wellness. That's why, every step of the way, Heathline kept a vision of simple, performance-rich products that provide unsurpassed accuracy but also fit into your daily lifestyle. From our start as a small specialty sport timing brand to our current position as a global leader in fitness monitoring instruments, Healthline has provided you with the tools that help you stay motivated and informed in your personal efforts to join the movement.

Presens is the first leading company in selling Hot/Cold Compress Pack since 2000. With more than 10 years of experience, we have increased our product range in home and health care products, medical devices, medical products and gift items. Our quality wins the heart of many consumers. Our commitment is to provide good services and excellent quality products to ensure the safety of our consumers as well as keeping a good reputation.