Aerosol Therapy - NE-C30 CompAir Elite


The Omron CompAir Elite NE-C30 Portable Nebulizer Compressor System is a low-priced, lightweight nebulizer compressor that is easy to take anywhere with the optional DC Cord and rechargeable battery pack. The Omron CompAir Elite is a compact and simple to use nebulizer compressor that is perfect for home use, but also for people on the go. Compact & lightweight - the NE-C30 weighs less than 1 lb and measures just 5" wide, 4" deep and 2" tall. Fast, effective nebulizer treatments with included neb cup that is re-usable for up to 6 months, dishwasher-safe, and features special 'easy-grip' tubing connectors. Or, use any standard nebulizer med-cup and tubing with the NE-C30 portable nebulizer. Simple, one-button operation that easily becomes a battery-operated, portable nebulizer compressor.


• Compact and easy to use
• High quality durable design and manufactured by Omron
• Air tube features easy to grip air plugs
• Includes carrying case with accessory compartment
• AC adapter and optional Rechargeable Battery make unit suitable for home or travel
• "Ready to go" system maximizes convenience
• 1 year limited warranty

Weight Approx. 15.5 oz. (440g) (compressor only)
Dimensions Approx. 4 7/8" (w) × 2" (h) × 4 1/8" (d) (124 mm × 52mm × 103mm)
Electrical requirements 12VDC 1A (Compressor)
100V-240VAC 50-60Hz (AC adapter)
Treatment time 0.35 ml/min (without cap)
Maximum nebulizer capacity 7 ml (cc) max.
Max pressure 33.4 psi (230 kPa)
Max flow rate 5.5 lpm
Warranty Compressor: 1 year