Omron HJA-300 Pedometer


The new and innovative JOG STYLE combines a classic step counter together with the possibility to measure all kind of jogging and running activities. It is the ideal partner to improve and see your jogging skills. Running distance, average speed, running time and KCAL are measured even without an uncomfortable chest strap. It is very easy to use and a good alternative product compared to any heart rate monitors. Just press the start button put, the device into your pocket and start running. Even after having finished yourself defined jogging event the JOG STYLE will still measure the rest of your daily activities (steps and kcal). It is a perfect device to improve your jogging skills or assist you during a diet.


• Works in pocket or bag
• Easy to read LCD display
• Super slim, Lightweight
• Workout (Jogging) Mode
• Distance Display
• Workout Energy Consumption Display
• Clock
• Average Speed
• Fat Burnt
• Total Steps
• 7 Day memory
• Stride Length measurement mode
• Time display

Power Supply 3V lithium battery type CR2032
Battery life Approx. 6 months* (when used for 2 hours a day [approx. 10,000 steps])
Weight 28 g (including battery)
External Dimension 75.5(W) × 33.5(H) × 11.8(D) mm
Warranty 1 year