Prajwal Health Care was established for the purpose of serving community at large through various means and measures. We foresee the role of quality health care equipments. Availability of such equipments for the needy and to the remotest part of the country is not normally met. Working hard to improve our service, we want our customers to have one less worry when it comes to choosing a supplier of life saving medical equipment.

We at Prajwal Health Care have decided to help the community in a way to make available range of resources for Home Healthcare, Respiratory Care, Sleep Solutions, Fitness Care, Intensive Care, Diagnostic Instrument, Hospital Furnitures and general health care.

As there is rising demand for better & affordable healthcare, our aim is to raise expectations in customer satisfaction in the field of Critical Care. We at Prajwal Health Care present a complete spectrum of new products for use in doctor´s surgeries, hospitals and other health care service providers. Our long-term success is affirmed on a value-oriented business with focus on: close collaboration with our customers and delivering outstanding quality.

  • GO2 Finger Pulse Oximeter

  • Everflo Oxygen Concentrator

  • Newlife Elite Oxygen Concentrator

  • Portable Oxygen Cylinder

  • Inspiration Elite

  • Portable Suction Apparatus

  • Comfort Gel

  • Easy Life Nasal Mask

  • REMstar Auto CPAP

  • REMstar Auto BiPAP

  • Floton S20

  • Floton S20

  • Blood Pressure Level indicator
    HEM 7111

  • Blood Pressure Level indicator

  • Thermometry

    MC 343F

  • Alcohol Breath Analyzer

  • Digital Scale